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Tips for AcryGel Nails

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I published a blog post early last year with step-by-step instructions for at-home acrygel nail application, and it has been my most viewed post since!  I honestly can’t believe it!

acrygel nails
Acrygel nails with no polish.

So as I continued to do acrygel nails, eventually removed them, and have now started back on it again, I wanted to give some tip and tricks I’ve picked up through my own experience over the past year.

acrygel nails
Acrygel nails with polish on top.

Tip #1

Thinner layers work best.  If you are an advid nail product junkie or love glitter nail polish, you have probably experienced the satisfaction of a beautifully, gawdy, and tacky manicure that  you can’t stop staring at….until and edge gets bumped and the whole dang nail PEELS OFF!  I KNOW!  Just thinking about it makes me angry!

Anyway, the same can be similar for acrygel nails.  Much of that hard work will go to waste if you use many thick layers.  Try to keep the layers of acrygel as thin as possible.


Tip #2

Try one layer of the acrygel under the gel top coat.  My original post calls for two layers of the base coat with acrylic powder under the top coat.  I learned to that one layer of the acrygel nail combo was best to reduce the powder and gel from yellowing over time with wear.

This may not be as important to you if you plan to keep your nail painted all the time, but I found that it decreased the yellowing I was experiencing of the acrygel combo (NOT MY NATURAL NAILS), and also helped in relation to tip #1.


Tip #3

Try 2 layers of gel top coat.  After some more experimenting with number of layers and such, I decided to try 2 layers of the gel top coat.  When I used only 1 layer, there was still a slight gritty texture left from the acrylic powder…even though it was shiny.  I just didn’t like having that texture difference, so I tried two thin layers of the top coat, and it is wonderful!


Tip #4

Cap the nail tips, but not TOO thick.  Capping the nail tips will definitely help decrease shrinkage and lifting, BUT if done too thick, it may CAUSE lifting and subsequent peeling of your beautiful acrygel manicure.


Tip #5

Don’t buff your nails before application….or atleast not with every new application of the acrygel nails.  Now, I understand that this may be debated, but in my experience, the acrygel nails wore better and longer when I decided NOT to buff the top layer of my nail before application.  The last time I did acrygel nails, I would have to remove and reapply once a week because I had issues with lifting, so I couldn’t just refill.  This time, I am getting MUCH better wear, and I didn’t buff my nails first.

I would also like to point out that buffing my nails before every re-application was not a smart idea because it took away SO many layers of nail, and I already have thin, peeling nails.  When I finally removed the acrygel and decided to take a break from it, my nails were painfully thin….to the point where I didn’t put any pressure on them because I had buffed away so many layers over months of re-application.  THIS is why I chose to forgo the buffing when I started back up with acrygel nails, and it has been MUCH MUCH better in terms of wear AND nail health.


That’s it for now!  I hope this was helpful!  And like I mentioned before, these are just some tips I’ve come up with over time and my experience with acrygel nails.

Comment, tweet, or instagram me to let me know what your experiences have been!

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