Pinspiration Sapphire Eye

I’ve been having a little bit of writer’s block coupled with some other changes over the past month and a half, so when I’ve been trying to brainstorm blog post ideas….honestly, I’ve been coming up with nothing. Then, I was looking around my blog and stumbled upon the Pinspiration series I started a long time … Read More

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Braided Headband Updo

Hey there!  Soooo I have a confession….I LOVE doing hairstyles with braids.  Yes, it’s true. Because of this, I have done search after search on Google and Pinterest for ideas for different braid hairstyles.  One look I really love is the braided here was my take on it! All I did was leave out … Read More

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Pin-spiration Dramatic Winged Eyeliner and Gold Glitter

I found this dramatic winged eyeliner and gold glitter look on Pinterest recently, and I have been waiting to try it for a few days.  I don’t get much opportunity to wear glitter.  I also don’t usually wear eyeliner, especially thicker, winged liner….so this look was quite different for me.  I hope you like it!  … Read More

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This is a recreation of a look I saw on Pinterest.  It just drew me in because of the colors and the way they all worked together for the look.  I wasn’t able to find it again, but I thought I was pretty accurate.

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