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Pinspiration Sapphire Eye

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I’ve been having a little bit of writer’s block coupled with some other changes over the past month and a half, so when I’ve been trying to brainstorm blog post ideas….honestly, I’ve been coming up with nothing.

Then, I was looking around my blog and stumbled upon the Pinspiration series I started a long time ago.  If you haven’t read the previous posts for Pinspiration, it centers around recreating the looks that float around Pinterest…whether it be super simple or more on the wild and crazy side.  I feel like this series helps me get out of my makeup rut…which I have been starting to feel lately.  So here it is!  My Pinspiration Sapphire Eye recreation of a brown smokey sapphire eye!

Pinspiration Sapphire Eye

Pinspiration Sapphire Eye


The inspiration for the look was originally posted on here.

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