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Loving Beauty Doesn’t Define Me

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Hey all….so I have been thinking about something lately….the kind of judgment we as beauty lovers may come across when/if you actually confess to your obsession with makeup and/or all…


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Hey all!  So after much, much deliberation and time spent internally debating, I took the plunge….. …and got highlights! Now, many may not deem this a big deal, but for…

Silk Epil X’elle Epilator by Braun Review

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Hi all!  I feel like there are so many reviews available for items like waxing systems and razors, but it seems to be more difficult to find reviews on epilators. …

September Beloveds & Blunders

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Welcome to my beloveds and blunders!! I am so excited to do these posts because they are my favorite to read and also watch on YouTube. Let’s get into it!


Tips & Tricks: Mascara Durability

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Hey all!  I’ve noticed recently that there has been a recent craze over mascara topcoats.  From what I gather about these products, they are designed to make mascara hold better…