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Long bob? Lob? Oh well…I got my haircut!

The Beauty Counselor 2

I did it!  I finally made a change in my hair!  I officially have a lob! LOL  That just makes me laugh! If you’ve had a drastic haircut or style change, you know how exhilarating it can be.

I’ve been growing my hair out for the past 8 years…I know…kind of ridiculous.  And as most long-haired ladies know, you get the occasional urge to chop it for a change….maybe you’re feeling bored or emotional (which is usually NOT the best time to chop your hair)….but you usually push the urge back down and maybe find a new hairstyle to quell it for a little while longer.

long bob
Before my lob! After A LOT of styling and effort which I quite honestly don’t like to make with hair…when I could spend that time on makeup! lol

Well, my hair was down to my lower back, and while it was awesome for all the different kinds of braids and updos…I started to realized over time how much I actually disliked my hair and how it looked, felt, styled….basically everything.

So I made a list of all the things I disliked about it, and started looking for haircuts that would take care of all of that, but it also needed to work well with curly hair.

I’m usually not a trendy person, but I’ve been really drawn to the long bob or lob.  I thought this hairstyle would allow for a lot of versatility but still be long enough and do well with my curly hair.

I went to my hairdresser yesterday armed with pictures and my list of hair woes….and she agreed, explaining  in detail how the cut would address each of the problems I was having with my hair….so….

I now have a lob!  Long bob!  And when it go to her styling after the cut, I asked her to style it like the picture I brought it, which was none other than the absolutely gorgeous and kind Cara from Maskcara.

long bob
Feelin’ glamorous my friends! Check out that sass!

Side note: I have been learning SO MUCH from her, whether it be lifestyle, inspiration, or makeup tips and tricks.  Definitely check her out!

If you’re interested about the picture I took in, click here.

Anyway! Let me know what your experiences have been with changing your haircut or style!

  1. I grew my hair out about two years. I thought maybe that my curly hair with someone the way down, and it wouldn’t be so hard to manage. I use to flat iron it, but with my disability I found it hard to sit for a long time and straighten my very long hair. It was almost to my waist when it was straight, and half way down my back curly. So I took the “chop” this last fall. It’s grown since then, but I’ve come to love and embrace my curly hair. I prefer it short right now. It’s easier to keep “tame”, or somewhat. LOL You look stunning in both pictures. I like telling people to do what you love and feel with your body. Don’t worry about what other think. We all are beautifully different, and that is what we have to keep in mind when we look at TV, and magazines of how Society thinks we should look. Anyways, beautiful! *HUGS*

    • The Beauty Counselor The Beauty Counselor

      My hair’s naturally curly too! And it’s definitely more manageable at this length, and the curls are even bouncier 🙂

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