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Influenster VoxBox Pantene

The Beauty Counselor 1

Oh man it has been AWHILE since I’ve received an Influenster VoxBox, so I was super excited when I opened the email notifying me I would be sent the Influenster Pantene VoxBox.

For those of you who are wondering what Influenster VoxBox is…Influenster is a company that partners with various brands and sends out boxes (for free) to members of their site for review.  You do not have to have a blog or YouTube channel to be selected for these either which is really nice.

Back to the current Influenster VoxBox I’ve received!  This is the Pantene VoxBox, which contained a shampoo, conditioner, and dry shampoo.  The shampoo and conditioner are both full-size, and the dry shampoo is a travel size.

pantene influenster voxbox pantene full and strong

Although I was excited to be selected for this Influenster VoxBox, I honestly was wary of the products I was going to be receiving.  I’m kind of picky about my shampoo and conditioner…okay you caught me….I picky about ALL of my beauty products….but I was disappointed the last time I bought Pantene products for myself.

The shampoo and conditioner are from the Full & Strong collection, both of which sound great to me!  I have naturally fine, dry, curly hair, so I need some fullness and strength.  I can say that these products left my hair feeling silky and somewhat fuller.

pantene influenster voxbox pantene full and strong

Also, I was very pleased with the scent.  I expected the shampoo and conditioner to have the typical Pantene scent, but was surprised to discover a more Skittles-like scent.  Love!  Using the Pantene Fully & Strong shampoo and conditioner has actually made me look forward to washing my hair….that’s not a regular feeling for me lol.

pantene influenster voxbox pantene full and strong

After using these products for about a month now, I can say I’m impressed.  I love the way my hair feels after using them, and I love the scent and consistency of the products.

Now on to the dry shampoo…..I honestly didn’t even want to try this.  I have previous purchased the full-size of this dry shampoo, and I was only able to use it once.  The dispenser had quit working after one use, meaning I had to throw out an ENTIRELY FULL can of dry shampoo…not happy.  Additionally, I didn’t like the dry shampoo after that one use because it seemed to make my hair MORE greasy…..weeellll….I actually like the travel-size of this dry shampoo.

pantene influenster voxbox pantene full and strong

I don’t know if I had previously bought a dud, but this one has worked well.  The scent is the typical Pantene scent…sorry I don’t know how to describe it…and I would suggest shaking it before each spray to your hair, not just each use.  I think this allows for better use of the product so you’re not just getting dry shampoo in the first spray and wet product with each spray after.  I would say this is a decent dry shampoo, but I personally enjoy powder dry shampoos more.

Overall, I am pleased with the Pantene Influenster VoxBox.  I enjoyed the products, some more than others, and would recommend the shampoo and conditioner.

If you’re interested in receiving an Influenster VoxBox, join here.

Also, you can find the Pantene products places where Pantene products are sold.  Check here.

  1. Very cool! I’m currently testing out a box that has a hair removal system. Love influenster –Hanna Lei

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