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The Beauty Counselor 2

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection and making changes.  This had nothing to do with New Years because, frankly, I don’t make resolutions.  While this may not pertain directly to beauty products, reviews, etc., I still think there is beauty in life, deciding to switch careers, slowing down to pull yourself together, nurturing yourself and/or your family.  There are so many choices people make or feel are made for them…and it can be scary to step away from a path you had begun long ago.

I’m someone who loves to plan.  Spontaneous is not a word friends and family would use to describe me.  I’ve also had many people tell me I seem pulled together or sure of my path…and I use to think that too.  I had decided on a career path at a very young age, and it actually stuck.  I enjoyed learning and progressing through this field, and I still do, but with increasing experiences and time, I think it’s important to try to step out of our comfort zone at times and do something that nurtures our souls.

What makes you shine?  What do you get so passionate about that you can continue to talk about it long after peoples’ eyes glaze over? Lol

The things on my list have not changed much at all, but how I plan to fulfill these passions has.

This, the change in my path to fulfillment, is what’s scary.  What if I fail?  And if I fail, what will people think?  Will people see me as irresponsible for shifting my focus in life and career?

While I’m someone who can deal with dislike and judgment, that doesn’t mean I like to.  So…I’ve been working on myself a lot lately….what do I want from my life?  How am I going to change my path?  Will these be long-term changes or short-term to accomplish other, more pressing, needs at this point in my life?

I know this is a little all over the board, but this is some of what’s been on my mind lately….uncertainty…ambiguity..and I’m working on being okay with that.

Let me know what you think…what have been your experiences with big changes?


This is a quote I found on Google from SayingImages Inspiring Quotes & Pictures, which you can see here.



    • The Beauty Counselor The Beauty Counselor

      Thanks! I like to write, and this kind of stuff has been on my mind, so I thought I would just go for it!

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