Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection and making changes.  This had nothing to do with New Years because, frankly, I don’t make resolutions.  While this may not pertain directly to beauty products, reviews, etc., I still think there is beauty in life, deciding to switch careers, slowing down to pull yourself together, nurturing yourself and/or your family.  There are so many choices people make or feel are made for them…and it can be scary to step away from a path you had begun long ago.

I’m someone who loves to plan.  Spontaneous is not a word friends and family would use to describe me.  I’ve also had many people tell me I seem pulled together or sure of my path…and I use to think that too.  I had decided on a career path at a very young age, and it actually stuck.  I enjoyed learning and progressing through this field, and I still do, but with increasing experiences and time, I think it’s important to try to step out of our comfort zone at times and do something that nurtures our souls.

What makes you shine?  What do you get so passionate about that you can continue to talk about it long after peoples’ eyes glaze over? Lol

The things on my list have not changed much at all, but how I plan to fulfill these passions has.

This, the change in my path to fulfillment, is what’s scary.  What if I fail?  And if I fail, what will people think?  Will people see me as irresponsible for shifting my focus in life and career?

While I’m someone who can deal with dislike and judgment, that doesn’t mean I like to.  So…I’ve been working on myself a lot lately….what do I want from my life?  How am I going to change my path?  Will these be long-term changes or short-term to accomplish other, more pressing, needs at this point in my life?

I know this is a little all over the board, but this is some of what’s been on my mind lately….uncertainty…ambiguity..and I’m working on being okay with that.

Let me know what you think…what have been your experiences with big changes?


This is a quote I found on Google from SayingImages Inspiring Quotes & Pictures, which you can see here.



Long bob? Lob? Oh well…I got my haircut!

I did it!  I finally made a change in my hair!  I officially have a lob! LOL  That just makes me laugh! If you’ve had a drastic haircut or style change, you know how exhilarating it can be.

I’ve been growing my hair out for the past 8 years…I know…kind of ridiculous.  And as most long-haired ladies know, you get the occasional urge to chop it for a change….maybe you’re feeling bored or emotional (which is usually NOT the best time to chop your hair)….but you usually push the urge back down and maybe find a new hairstyle to quell it for a little while longer.

long bob

Before my lob! After A LOT of styling and effort which I quite honestly don’t like to make with hair…when I could spend that time on makeup! lol

Well, my hair was down to my lower back, and while it was awesome for all the different kinds of braids and updos…I started to realized over time how much I actually disliked my hair and how it looked, felt, styled….basically everything.

So I made a list of all the things I disliked about it, and started looking for haircuts that would take care of all of that, but it also needed to work well with curly hair.

I’m usually not a trendy person, but I’ve been really drawn to the long bob or lob.  I thought this hairstyle would allow for a lot of versatility but still be long enough and do well with my curly hair.

I went to my hairdresser yesterday armed with pictures and my list of hair woes….and she agreed, explaining  in detail how the cut would address each of the problems I was having with my hair….so….

I now have a lob!  Long bob!  And when it go to her styling after the cut, I asked her to style it like the picture I brought it, which was none other than the absolutely gorgeous and kind Cara from Maskcara.

long bob

Feelin’ glamorous my friends! Check out that sass!

Side note: I have been learning SO MUCH from her, whether it be lifestyle, inspiration, or makeup tips and tricks.  Definitely check her out!

If you’re interested about the picture I took in, click here.

Anyway! Let me know what your experiences have been with changing your haircut or style!

Get Ready!!

Get ready everyone!!!  I’ll be back in the next week with new posts and maybe even an update if requested!  I can’t wait to get back to blogging!  I’ve been missing it sooooo much,  so you will see my Instagram and Twitter accounts more active also!  Follow me!  Comment!  And Share my my posts to let me know what you like!  SO EXCITED TO GET BACK TO IT!!!

*25 Random Facts About Me*

Monarch on Flower

  1. Purple is my favorite color…usually more rich, red based purples, but I love all tones and shades.
  2. I have naturally curly/wavy hair.
  3. I have very long hair, but I only really wear it down when I’m at home or going on dates with the hubby.
  4. I love finding new updos, especially braided updos, to wear to work/school since I have long hair that I like to keep pulled up.
  5. I like to keep my hair pulled up so often when out and about because it gets in my way and turns into a frizzy, windblown, tangled mess.
  6. I’ve never had a pedicure.
  7. I enjoy painting my toenails.
  8. I keep my toenails painted throughout winter because I just like having painted toes. It doesn’t matter to me that no one else sees my toes because I DO 🙂
  9. I still geek out over new school supplies…and I’ve been through my fair share of schooling.
  10. I’m a realist and pessimist, but I make an effort everyday to try to find the positive of different situations.
  11. I’ve toyed with the idea of working as a freelance makeup artist.
  12. I keep an ongoing book list of all the books I would like to read for “free reading” (cue flashback to elementary school).
  13. I love the tacky, over-the-top glitter manicure.
  14. My beauty interests started with collecting Bonne Bell chapsticks & then lip gloss
  15. I prefer writing with cheap pens.
  16. I love puzzle games over action games, like Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word search, Flow Free, 2048.
  17. I love the process of painting my nails.
  18. Very much dislike the process of removing nail polish…
  19. …or waiting for it to dry
  20. Still on the hunt for a great top coat! Leave suggestions below! Or tweet me @TheBeauty_C
  21. I just bought a mint colored Sharpie pen on clearance…very excited to use it lol. It’s the small things in life!
  22. I take time everyday to think about what I’m grateful for…even if it’s just a few minutes while driving or making a meal or doing some other random activity.
  23. I was very nervous about starting my blog a year ago.
  24. I’m so glad I did start my blog because it’s been a great outlet for interest in all things beauty..even things in life  🙂
  25. I am glad you’re reading this, and I hope you found something about me to connect to.


I hope you check back for more blog posts in the future.  If you read something above that you relate to, share it below or tweet me @TheBeauty_C

Need a New Bag? Kick Butt Closeout Sale!!

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I would use my for classes since I’m starting back to school and need organization….but I still want an attractive and good quality bag.  These bags are usually pretty expensive, but they are now on sale to get rid of the stock before this year’s styles are released next month.