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Burt’s Bees Wild Cherry and Vanilla Bean Lip Balm Review

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The Burt’s Bees Wild Cherry and Vanilla Bean lip balm flavors were released around the end of 2014.  Upon hearing about these new additions to the Burt’s Bees lip balm line, I was SO excited!

burt's bees wild cherry and vanilla bean lip balm

I love the original lip balm because of its thicker, balmy consistency and intense peppermint scent and flavor.  Since vanilla and cherry are some of my favorite scents for products, I instantly told my husband about this…hoping these may make an appearance in my stocking for Christmas.  Well they did!

After unwrapping these, I instantly started testing them out for the next few days.  The scent of these are right on point with the description.  Vanilla bean smells like vanilla, and the wild cherry smells like a cherry popsicle I used to eat as a child.

burt's bees wild cherry and vanilla bean lip balm

My conclusion is that companies should not be allowed to make lip products that taste like chemicals, ESPECIALLY if they smell SOOOO GOOD!

The taste was not the only thing about these I didn’t enjoy.  The consistency of the Burt’s Bees Wild Cherry and Vanilla Bean lip balms was very slick and greasy.  My lips felt even more chapped when using these because it just felt like slick and greasy with no moisturization properties.

Like most Burt’s Bees products, these lip balms are very natural (100% listed on the packaging).  They cost about $3 each.

If you are someone who enjoys a thin, slick, and/or greasy feeling lip balm, these may be for you.  However, remember that these taste like chemicals.  I don’t know if this is the majority experience as I haven’t read many reviews for these, but it was so bad my husband needed to drink water and rub his lip after kissing me and try the lip balms himself.  I felt the chemical taste was so intense that I drank water, rinsed my lips off with water, and continuously wiped them off for over 10 minutes, and the taste was STILL there.  I don’t recommend these lip balms.

If you’re interested in trying these for yourself, you can find them at drugstores, Burt’s Bees website, Walmart, Target, and Amazon here and here.

Let me know in the comments what you think!

  1. vanilla_ftw vanilla_ftw

    Omg. I actually stumbled upon your blog specifically because I was so disturbed by the taste of my lip balm (vanilla bean). I have tried a couple of the lip balms and I have a thing for vanilla so I thought this was a sure win. It smells so sweet, and yet the flavor seems nonexistent at first. Then you lick your lips and it’s appalling. It tastes like plastic to me, or as you say: chemicals. Checking the ingredients, I don’t see anything that I can quite attribute the taste to…though the canola and soybean oils I know are unhealthy.

    Unlike you actually, I applied this balm about ten more times trying to figure out if this was all in my head before proceeding to google. This balm is quite oily, unlike the other ones I’ve used in the past (pomegranate, beeswax, honey, etc). This product is still new so there were very few reviews around the web, but I did notice a trend of people specifically complimenting the “SCENT” of this one. The scent, I agree, is delightful. The oiliness I can get over, but why does it taste like this! Even the cheapest chapsticks/lip balms don’t outrightly taste like plastic.

    So thank you, for confirming my suspicions. I do happen to know that Chlorox bought out the company a long while back, but I’ve had balms and other new products since and didn’t think it mattered (cough drops – pretty good, lip shimmers – mistake), but I guess this one really brings a reality check that I have to drop that blind faith in this brand now. Sigh.

    • The Beauty Counselor The Beauty Counselor

      So glad you found your way here! Yeah, I mean, the scent is unbeatable, but ugh that flavor! lol I had heard awhile back about a buy out but didn’t know it was Chlorox. I wonder how much change will be happening with the brand.

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