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AcryGel Nails for Natural Nails

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Hey all!  So I have a post here that’s a little bit review, a little bit tutorial, and also a little bit of tips and tricks.  I can’t remember how I found out about acrygel nails, but it was probably from YouTube.  Acrygel nails are a mixture of gel and acrylic, which is why it’s called acrygel. 🙂  Anyway, this type of nail treatment/manicure is does not add length like a regular acrylic manicure.

acrygel nails
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Acrygel manicures allow for the strength of gel and flexibility of acrylic.  Some people use this as a way to grow out their nails or add strength.  When I discovered acrygel nails, I did A LOT of research to make sure it’s something I wanted to do.

My reason for deciding to do acrygel nails is to stop the bending and peeling of my natural nails.  I have tried almost every nail strengthener, and nothing works.  I have made healthy changes to my diet, I drink a lot of water, and I don’t use my nails as tools….yet…here I am with peeling nails.

Acrygel nails let me put a clear strengthener over my nails that will last for 2 weeks (may vary) but does not damage like most acrylic manicures do.   I will included pictures after the step-by-step process.

Also, I highly suggest you watch the video AcryGel Powder Gel for Natural Nails from Anna’s Nail, Art, Beauty & Travel.  She does such a great job explaining and demonstrating this for you.

I decided to put up a post because I typed out the steps from her video for when I did my acrygel nails so I wouldn’t have to keep playing, pausing, and replaying her video .

  1. Buff nails with fine grit nail buffer.
    1. Make sure to hold file flat to nail to decrease nail damage.
    2. Use lint free wipe and rubbing alcohol (cleanser) to remove shine, dust/dirt, and dehydrate nail bed.
    3. Use pH Bond polish
    4. Use Gelish Foundation polish
      1. Wipe off excess
      2. Scrub into nail near cuticles.  This helps the product bond to nail much better.
      3. Keep away from cuticle and side walls.
      4. Cap off free edge of nail to avoid shrinkage and lifting.
      5. Use cuticle pusher to scoop acrylic powder onto to entire nail surface.
        1. Turn finger to cover entire nail.
        2. Tap finger to remove excess acrylic powder.
        3. Cure under LED lamp for 1 minute
        4. Repeat steps 4-7
        5. Apply top coat
        6. Cure under LED lamp for 1 minute
        7. Use lint free wipe and rubbing alcohol to remove the residue.

After all of this, you will be good to go for about 2 weeks.  The first time I did this, it took me about an hour, and it will probably get a little bit faster as I get more practice.

Here is how my nails turned out the first time.  I think they look pretty good.  There were no spots of unevenness, and they don’t look so thick that it’s obvious I have something over my natural nails.

AcryGel Nails
AcryGel Nails
AcryGel Nails
AcryGel Nails

Although you can definitely leave it like this until you refill or redo the acrygel manicure, I intend on painting over it as I would with my normal nails.  As I said earlier, I am doing this so I don’t have to constantly worry about my nails bending and peeling.  I’m not necessarily doing this to grow them out super long, but a little extra length will be nice.

So far, I am loving how free I feel having this on my nails.  I’m not doing anything crazy now that this is on my nails, but I don’t have to frequently think about being extra careful with my thin, peeling nails.

*IMPORTANT* to remember is that you need to use non-acetone nail polish remover if you paint over this.  Polish remover with acetone will breakdown the mixture since that is how you remove acrylic and gel soak-off manicures.

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  3. LCValleyCitizen LCValleyCitizen

    Great article! Thank you for taking the time to type out the steps. I will for sure be using them when I try this technique. I do believe you have meant to say “Acrygel manicures allow for the flexibility of gel and strength of acrylic” instead of Acrygel manicures allow for the strength of gel and flexibility of acrylic….

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