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A Little More Techy!! Steps for the Posts in Page Plugin

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Ahh!  I could seriously yell right now for how excited and proud I am that I FINALLY figured out how to add specific posts (by category) to specific pages!  Holy moly does this feel awesome!  Below are instructions for using the Posts in Page plugin.

This makes my blog A THOUSAND times more reader-friendly, so I hope that if you are just stopping by or are a regular reader, you enjoy it 🙂

I know that this isn’t something big for those that are good with the blog tech stuff like codes and templates, but this is huge for me!  And yes, everything is ending in exclamation points!  I’m that excited!

If you are also struggling with this on your blog, find the Posts in Page plugin.  Here are the steps I came up with to make it a little easier to understand.

  1. Install and activate it.
  2. In a separate tab/window, go the plug-in website to the ‘Installation’ tab.
  3. Read down through ‘Using Shortcodes in the WordPress Editor’ section to the 6th bullet.  This is the magic bullet!!
  4. Okay, so when you are in the Admin of your blog, click on ‘Pages’ then ‘All Pages.’
  5. I suggest you open an individual tab for each of the following so you can easily click from tab to tab: ‘All Pages’,  ‘Categories’(located in ‘Posts’), and the plug-in site.
  6. Click ‘Edit’ for the page you would like to add posts to.
  7. In the main section used for adding content, copy and past the code from the 6th bullet
  8. In the ‘category-slug’ section of the code is where you will be inserting the slug for each category you would like to post for that page.  For example, one of my codes is
    with ‘product-reviews’ where xxx-xxx is.
  9. You can find the category slug in ‘Categories’ (Remember when I suggested a separate tab for this? lol) in the column labeled ‘Slug’
  10. It’s important to remember to NOT use spaces.
  11. You can add multiple categories within the one code above.  IMPORTANT to note that you separate each category slug by commas with NO SPACES.
  12. Click ‘Update’ on the right side of the ‘Edit’ screen for the chosen page.
  13. Click ‘Preview’ to make sure it is working correctly.
  14. Congratulations!  You are awesome!

I honestly hope this helps someone because I have had my blog for about 5 months now, and I just figured it out.  Love to  you all!


*I would also like to note that this may not work for all themes.  The theme I’m using is Travel Blogger.*

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