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6 Tips for Finding the Right Mascara for You

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I’ve recently been having ups and downs in my own mascara routine, which is actually kind of odd for me.  I definitely do not have really impressive lashes, but I am usually content with the results I get with mascara.

This got me thinking about some tips I would give someone who is looking to get the best results they can for their lashes just using mascara.  Remember that there are many variations in eyelashes…adding to high hopes and great disappointment upon use of the newest and most amazing lash paint out there…sense some sarcasm?  Well let’s just face it, beauty companies use unrealistic statistics and ads with models sporting some pretty darn obvious false lashes.

tips for finding the right mascara

Here are some tips giving a good starting point for thought about achieving the lash look you want.

  1. Decide what you want from a mascara
    1. Important thought point….volume, length, darkened natural-looking lashes?
  2. Find the brush type that works best for your lashes
    1. There are so many types of brushes out there!  Plastic brushes with short bristles, plastic brushes with long bristles, brushes with bristles on the tip, tapered brushes, natural bristle brushes, brushes with lots of bristles or widely spaced bristles…whatever works best for you!
tips for finding the right mascara
Top L to R: Urban Decay Supercurling Mascara, Benefit They’re Real!, Bottom L to R: Maybelline Mega Plush, Maybelline the Rocket
  1. When researching mascaras, find someone with similar lashes to your own
    1. I have been watching beauty YouTube videos and researching beauty products for years now and something I have discovered in my desire to find a kick butt mascara is referring to someone who has similar eyelashes as me.  This helps you better determine the results you may get from that particular formula and brush.  Note, my lashes are thin, average to a little longer than average, do not hold curl well, and are very blonde.
  2. Discover what mascara formula works best for you
    1. Some mascara formulas can be quite wet, while others are incredibly dry.  This is a huge factor in how it will work for you!  I tend to like mascaras that have a wet formula that isn’t too thin…this way, I can make sure it will be wet enough to coat my entire lash root to tip, but it will also be thick enough to add volume.
  3. Know what you are willing to spend
    1. There will always be high claims from the high end and drugstore mascaras, so decide how much you want to spend.  It helps to narrow the search down if you have a budget or set price range in mind.  You can also benefit from the next tip in reference to price! J
  4. Look for discount codes and sales
    1. I know this doesn’t apply as directly as the other tips, but we tend to spend a bunch of money over time and all at once in the quest for the perfect mascara or other beauty product so TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SALES!  Before I buy I get on websites like or RetailMeNot or look for print or online coupons.  It makes it a little less sad when you’re disappointed about yet another mascara OR it makes it PRETTY DARN AWESOME when you got a drugstore mascara for even cheaper!

I hope these 6 tips for finding the right mascara help!  Let me know how you figured out what works for you in the comments!

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